This is the time of year when volume goes up and availability goes down.  It’s not a surprise, it just happens.  Produce can’t wait and as it all ripens our industry takes care of getting it from the growing regions to destinations all over the country.  Construction ramps up with warmer weather as commercial construction sites begin their projects and homebuilding and landscaping activity surges too.

At Imperial Freight solutions, we are set to help our customers and our carriers meet this rising demand by ensuring the availability of trucks, delivery timelines, and optimum rates.  Our experienced teams have been through this year after year and are well-equipped to facilitate the entire process.

The produce season begins in the Southeast with its many varieties of fruits and vegetables including sweet corn, oranges, cantaloupes, and cucumbers.  Georgia adds blackberries and blueberries.  Then avocados from S. Texas and Mexico add to the total along with eggplant, tomatoes, and lettuce from California.  All of these and more require temperature-controlled shipping to optimize freshness and eliminate spoilage.  And we are experts at every step in the process of moving food from grower fields and warehouses into the national food distribution system.

Demand also increases with construction materials, and we help our customers plan for the timely delivery of containers and flatbeds of lumber, siding, cement, drywall, and roofing materials that need to be on time, every time.

Seventy percent of the nation’s food moves by truck, and a major percentage of construction materials also. This Springtime transportation crunch means that trucks and drivers are in short supply, and competition is high because deadlines are critical.  Our Imperial Freight Solutions customers benefit from our experience with the season, our relationships with carriers, and our commitment to meeting our customers’ deadlines.  We can help you too.  Just call us.

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