Several shippers have asked us if we offer drop-trailer services. Our answer: This is absolutely something that we can help with! Drop-trailer is just one of many logistics services you can arrange through Imperial Freight Solutions. Through our many partnerships with carriers, we can manage an ongoing program to have trailers left at your plant or distribution center for a period of time.

During these tumultuous times for the transportation industry, a drop-trailer program can create a win-win situation for your organization and the participating carriers. As a shipper or vendor, you gain the flexibility to load/unload trailers at your convenience. Plus, you can avoid driver wait-time fees and the risks of late pickups.

Drop-trailer programs have advantages for carriers, too. With wait-time eliminated, drivers can be more productive and have more predictability for their hours-of-service requirements.

Will drop trailers work for your company? To find out, all it takes is one phone call to Imperial Freight Solutions!

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