One of the hallmarks of the new Imperial Freight Solutions brand has been its rapid addition of several product offerings to better serve the freight industry, including drayage. Imperial Group is ranked as the 31st overall exporter in the US and Imperial Freight Solutions builds around that experience to rapidly grow our drayage service in response to the challenges most companies face when looking for drayage help.

With the high volumes of dray business we handle daily, we are able to leverage dray capacity to provide solutions to both existing and potential new customers. In addition, by using local or regional warehouses, we help reduce overall costs by either transloading and/or avoiding port storage fees.

Of course, drayage involves a great variety of freight including foodstuffs like rice and shrimp, furniture, clothing and textiles, paints, chemicals and even shopping carts. Imperial Freight Solutions even facilitated port drayage of powdered protein from the Midwest on its way to China for the production of baby formula.

While most port drayage involves containers, Imperial Freight Solutionss can also handle specialized transloading, hazmat materials, and out-of-gauge oversized freight. Imperial Freight Solutions has created solid relationships with our shippers due to our excellent service, better timing, and its unique understanding of the different requirements at ports around the U.S. Even in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area where there are 12 ports, none of them operate exactly the same.

Drivers also appreciate working with the Imperial Freight Solutions drayage team especially because of the increased transparency provided by our team, and for our willingness to assist them with all the additional drayage eccentricities in the current market.

The drayage team at Imperial Freight Solutions knows that anything can happen at any time, but they face the challenges and create outcomes that work for shippers, drivers and ports.

When you need help with your drayage needs, Imperial Freight Solutions can assist.

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